Viable, sustainable
and balanced


Financial viability, in a sustainable manner, will ensure the airfield’s urgent safety and environmental repairs and upgrades can be made, along with ongoing maintenance and infrastructure enhancements (to the benefit of not just emergency services, but general aviation)

Tourism is an important economic driver for the Blue Mountains with the number of visitors each year now surpassing 4 million, making it one of the top tourist destinations in Australia. FLYBLUE’s scenic heli-charters will help to grow the visitor economy on a sustainable basis by encouraging a hub-and-spoke model acting as a gateway for tourism to the Central West

FLYBLUE will promote the Blue Mountains as being more than just a day visitor destination, but inspiring visitors to stay overnight and experience a heli-charter to: wineries, gardens, lunches etc.. resulting in delivering stronger economic and employment benefits

FLYBLUE’s target customers are by default “high-yield” as the scenic heli-charters on offer will be of not less than 30 minutes, and will not operate in sensitive and populated areas; this will be reflected in the new Katoomba Airfield Fly Neighbourly policy. FLYBLUE’s customer demographic aligns with the Blue Mountains City Council’s adopted “Destination Management Plan”, specifically under the goal and vision for the Blue Mountains to “….. grow the visitor economy in a sustainable manner, focusing on growing visitor yield rather than visitor numbers…”