Dear Katoomba Airfield Supporter,

We now have over 1000 people supporting the Save Katoomba Airfield petition. Thank you!

Please keep sharing and encouraging others to sign up. We simply cannot let the airfield close. It was opened in 1968 by three aviation pioneers for the express purpose of general aviationtourism and emergency services. If it was important in 1968 then how much more important is it today? Especially for a community that is already hurting after the recent bushfires and coronavirus has dealt another huge blow to local and national tourism. Closing the airfield is directly impacting jobs, business and tourism in the Blue Mountains and Regional NSW.

Over the past week we have had a lot of correspondence asking us more details in regards to the timeline of events, and specifically the Community Consultation process, which we believe was hijacked with a fear campaign full of misinformation by the opponents to the airfield.

So rather than respond to you individually, we have decided to publish a synopsis of our story on our website here;

We need you to help us convince the NSW Government and the Hon. Minister Stokes to review their decision made to close Katoomba Airfield, and instruct an independent external review of the community consultation process (CES).

We need you to:

  1. Email or call Scott Mullen, A/Director, Greater Sydney & Commercial on 0467 743 490  or
  2. Email or call Alan Jones at or 131 873 and make the issue known to the wider public
  3. Email or call the Hon. Minister Stokes at: or (02) 9999 3599 and urge him to review the decision and instruct a review
  4. Please ensure you like and share our FB page, encouraging others to sign our petition.

Thank you for your support,

If you have any further questions please contact Floyd or Derek Larsen from FlyBlue Management on 0456 FLY BLU (0456 359 258).


FlyBlue Management Pty Ltd
Floyd and Derek Larsen