Dear Katoomba Airfield Supporter,

This is a challenging time for everyone as we all navigate our way through the COVID-19 crisis. While we adjust to the changing world around us we want to thank you for supporting the Save Katoomba Airfield petition. We now have well over 1,000 signed up and this is increasing daily. Please keep sharing and encouraging others to sign up.

Since 1968 this airfield has been operating for the express purpose of general aviation, tourism and emergency services. In 2020 how much more important is this airfield for a community severely impacted by the recent bushfires and now COVID-19 dealing unprecedented setbacks to local and national tourism.

To better understand how we reached this point, many of you have read our published story: and are now asking questions about the Department’s community consultation process and where the execution was flawed.

Here are two examples of where the Crown Lands Management Act 2016 lease engagement assessment framework’s application and implementation was poorly executed:

Monitor Progress

“One of the keys to successful engagement is to monitor engagement as it progresses. One of the signs that the engagement activities may need adjusting is: project is being consistently misrepresented or misunderstood locally or in media.

It is essential to monitor engagement at critical steps in the engagement process to ensure engagement activities remain on track…”

During 2019 the Katoomba Airfield project was consistently misrepresented in the local community and media. On numerous occasions FlyBlue informed the Department of mis-information being perpetrated within the community relating to ‘joy flights’. FlyBlue’s concerned correspondence occurred prior and during the community consultation process.

Evaluate Engagement Outcomes

“..incorporates assessing whether special conditions or measures could be applied to the proposed lease to accommodate community feedback”

FlyBlue were repeatedly assured that opportunities for concerns expressed by all stakeholders would be addressed systematically and efficiently. As you will read in our story this opportunity was not provided, therefore FlyBlue’s proposed: fly neighbourly policies, noise abatement procedures, flight paths, no fly zones, airfield curfews, conditions of use were not considered in the Department’s decision-making process.

During this time of unprecedented change in our world, if you have time on your hands and an interest in helping us convince the NSW Government and the Hon. Minister Stokes to review their decision to close Katoomba Airfield, please take action and write to the Minister requesting him to instruct an independent external review of the community consultation strategy process (CES).

We need you to:

  1. Email or call Scott Mullen, A/Director, Greater Sydney & Commercial on 0467 743 490  or
  2. Email or call the Hon. Minister Stokes at: or (02) 9999 3599 and urge him to instruct an independent review of the decision.
  3. Please ensure you like and share our FB page, encouraging others to sign our petition.

Thank you for your support,

If you have any further questions please contact Floyd or Derek Larsen from FlyBlue Management on 0456 FLY BLU (0456 359 258).

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay isolated!


FlyBlue Management Pty Ltd
Floyd and Derek Larsen